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About Maryland Metals inc in Hagerstown, MD

Maryland Metals, Inc. was founded in 1937 by Harry Kerstein as a scrap metal processor and recycler. Our original location is still our current main office location at 304 W. Church Street in Hagerstown.
The company experienced substantial growth over the years, keeping pace with the expansion of the recycling industry, as well as an increased focus on recycling and reuse as important elements of a sustainable economy.
In the early 1950's Maryland Metals, Inc. established a steel warehouse and chain warehouse facility. The success of the warehousing operations later resulted in the 1972 acquisition of the warehouse and production facility currently housing our New Steel Products Division at 620 Mitchell Avenue in Hagerstown.
Our scrap metal recycling and processing division was expanded to include the 449 Antietam Drive shearing and torching operation, designed to accommodate large-scale industrial recycling. In 1994, the original 304 W. Church Street facility underwent a major upgrade to facilitate the improved handling of ferrous scrap turnings and borings.
Today Maryland Metals, Inc. continues to offer efficient, environmentally-safe processing and recycling of scrap metal, as well as provide a wide range of new steel products, metal fabrication, and tire chains. We are committed to transforming yesterday's metal to tomorrow's metal resources.