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Containment Pad & Oil Water Separation System

Turnings Materials handling containment pad and oil / water separator system.
Since 1937, Maryland Metals, Inc. has played an active role in our nation's effort to preserve and conserve the natural resources we all share. The manufacturing process has always yielded scrap, and in many cases associated with this has been the added generation of cutting oils, lubricants, and coolants. The proper disposition of these materials has been an ongoing challenge to the recycling industry and as such has led to significant changes and improvements in material handling over the years.
Recognizing the need for environmentally proper, safe and efficient processing of metallic scrap, Maryland Metals, Inc. has continuously reviewed and upgraded its equipment, facilities, and practices as technological advances have become available.
The most recent innovation has been the design and installation of a storm water control and treatment system at the Church Street location.
Containment Pad with Liner
A high density polyethylene (HDPE) geosynthetic liner system protecting the containment pad and collection reservoir is engineered to withstand the rigors of scrap metal processing and waste oil recycling.
Scrap and residual liquid materials are directed to a topographical contoured, environmentally-sound concrete pad. The 10 inch thick reinforced fiber mesh concrete pad allows waste liquids and oils to drain to a collection reservoir.
This system is designed to manage, contain and process liquids associated with and adhering to metallic scrap such as Steel Turnings, Cast Iron Borings, Aluminum Turnings, and Brass Turnings.
Oil / Water Separator Treatment System
From the collection reservoir in the containment pad these waste fluids are directed to an oil-water separator system where they are separated.
The clean effluent water is then discharged into the storm water system while the collected liquids oils are periodically removed by an oil recycling firm.
This treatment system allows Maryland Metals, Inc. to manage your scrap metal “chips” and associated liquid wastes, from beginning to end.
Scrap Metal Handling System
Some aspects of our business that are not always apparent, but benefit our customers include:
  • Processing of customer scrap materials in accordance with regulations.
  • Periodic monitoring and system performance verification.
  • Constant monitoring of regulatory compliance standards.
  • Active member and participant in seminars conducted by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI).
  • Management control system for environmental monitoring.
  • Waste oils containment and maximization of recyclable materials.
Environmental soundness is of the utmost importance, and in addition to constantly monitoring and improving our operation and processing practices, Maryland Metals, Inc. is prepared to offer advice, equipment, and expertise to our customers to assist them in handling all types of their ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals.