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Scrap Metal Recycling in Hagerstown, MD

Metal Recycling for Individuals, Contractors, and Businesses
Whether you're a homeowner who has old copper wiring in your basement, or a small contractor with scrap metal from a renovation project, we offer a competitive market price for your metal. We accept both ferrous and non-ferrous metals in just about any form—aluminum beverage cans, copper pipe, etc.
Two Convenient Hagerstown Locations
We have two convenient locations where we buy scrap metal for recycling. Our 304 W. Church Street location will accept many types of non-ferrous and ferrous scrap metals such as brass, copper, and aluminum in the form of beverage cans or painted siding. Our 449 Antietam Drive location accommodates most types of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals, such as steel, sheet iron, autos & cast iron—with shearing and torching operations.
Help Build a Sustainable Economy
By recycling with Maryland Metals Inc., you help contribute to a sustainable economy through the reuse of existing metals.
Scrap Metals We Buy
Non-Ferrous Scrap:
  • aluminum & aluminum beverage cans
  • copper (wire, pipe, etc.)
  • brass (plumbing fixtures, etc.)
  • stainless steel (sinks, etc.)
Ferrous Scrap:
  • steel
  • sheet iron
  • autos
  • cast iron
Unacceptable Materials
  • Hazardous materials, chemicals, PCB's, asbestos, hydraulic oils, etc.
  • Radioactive materials
  • Closed containers including any type of propane tanks, oxygen tanks, etc.
  • Electrical transformers
  • Refrigerant fluids (freon, oil, etc.) containing CFC's or HCF's.
  • Tires and/or rubber products such as conveyor belting
  • Fencing wire and bed springs
  • Batteries of any type
  • New, used or damaged kegs
  • Shell casings, ammunition, or explosives